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History and Governance

The Haida Gwaii Regional Recreation Commission (HGRRC) was established in 1980 through the ratification of the Skeena Queen Charlotte Regional District’s adoption of bylaw #80-1979. A major amendment was made to the structure with adoption of bylaw #340 in 1997. At that time the Villages of Port Clements and Masset, as well as unincorporated areas D and E (which included Queen Charlotte City at the time) agreed to participate in a recreational program unit. In 2015, bylaws #595 and #597 converted and established HGRRC as a regional recreation service for Haida Gwaii.

The Haida Gwaii Regional Recreation Commission (HGRRC) Society is a registered non-profit society. Incorporated March 20, 2001, it is the structure used to pursue grants and additional funding to create and support programming island-wide, and is the receiving organization for HG Rec’s annual core operating grant from the Skeena Queen Charlotte Regional District, as well as all government, non-government and community recreation-based grants, program fees, donations and other revenue.

Commission membership and Society directorship are reviewed yearly at Annual General Meetings. Community members interested in becoming a Commissioner or Member-at-Large must submit a letter of intent outlining their interest and experience in recreation to the HGRRC at least seven (7) days prior to the Annual General Meetings.


Six (6) Island-wide representatives make up the Commission. The current Commission members are as follows:

Masset – Harold White
Port Clements – Michelle Amber Bellis
Skidegate – Christine Martyniuk
Queen Charlotte – Crystal Holdershaw
Sandspit – Laurie Chisholm
Member-at-Large – Marg Youngson
Member-at-Large – Darcy Pollard

Society Directors

Six (6) Directors make up the HGRRC Society, the organization used to pursue grants and additional funding to support programming island-wide. The current HGRRC Society Board of Directors is as follows:

Amber Bellis
Laurie Chisholm
Shirley Kricheldorf
Darcy Pollard
Marg Youngson


HG Recreation Coordinator – David Lomax

Book Keeper – Shirley Kricheldorf

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