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International Folk Dancing

Beginners are welcome!

When: Sundays from 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Dates: January 1, 2017 – ongoing
For: All abilities and ages
Where: Multiplex, Port Clements (Gymnasium)
Cost: FREE

Instructor: Benedicte Gormly

Each week we meet we will learn new dance steps that become new dances and we will review previously learned dances. You may take home a list of Dance steps to go over at home.

For some adventurous learners you can to Utube or “Surrey International Folk dancers” for Instructions and Utube videos of dances we haven’t covered. As the year progresses, you can learn dances at home and teach them at the class; or If you find something interesting, and can’t lead, I will teach it.
Please let me know in advance, so I can add your dance to the teaching schedule. As you get familiar with the dances you can ask for your favorites after class as time permits
or I will fit them into the dance schedules, its first come first serve.

Most dances are in circles with different hand holds. Some are fast and ambitious, some are easy and slower, I will give a mixture. Those with lesser abilities can still learn the faster dances, may want to follow behind the dance circle when we dance so you can go at your own pace and stop if you must.
There are also couples dances, and reels which we will learn also.

Most international dance groups have a yearly fee of 10.00 or more. Here it will be 10.00 per person per yr. You must register by signing the guest list each time you come; so Haida Gwaii Rec. will know how many attend ea. wk.The yearly fee will go to the cost of music downloads, and if there is enough left over &/or we can get a grant, then we can bring someone in for a workshop weekend. The workshop would for instance be on Greek dancing, or Turkish, Balkan, or Israeli dances, Scandinavian, Scottish, Spanish..etc.. Enjoy!